P.E. Lesson: In Line Skating

Thanks to the PEP Grant each Elementary school in 4j now has helmets, along with knee, elbow, and wrist pads. The skates will arrive in two large (locked) steel rolling carts for a three week stay.


  • When the elbow and knee pads are too large, it will help if you cross the velcro straps and duct tape them in the middle. This makes it possible to have these pads fit elementary age students.
  • With the wrist pads, putting a piece of duct tape at the end of each strap, will help so that the straps are cannot be pulled all of the way through. We find that many students have a difficult time putting the strap through the loop and pulling it back to velcro it.
  • Pads and helmets – Introduce how to get on elbow, knee, wrist pads and helmets.
  • Skates – The smaller skates ( size five and below) are adjustible.
  • The rest of the skates (size six and above) will be similar to their shoe size.

#1 SkillĀ  – Standing up –

  • From a sitting position, get up on one knee, with the other skate on the floor.
  • Then put both hands on that knee push straight up, while lifting your body up to standing.

#2 Skill – Ready Position:

  • Bend knees
  • Weight forward
  • One foot slightly in back so heels are together in a V shape
  • Put hands on knees to regain balance if falling backward

#3 Falling (SPLAT! )

  • Practice with students on falling and making sure they land on their pads.
  • Pads must be fitting properly for this to work.
  • Drop to knees and “splat” forward – while landing on pads.

#4 Stopping

  • Weight on nonbrake leg
  • Put brake leg forward and slightly lift toe
  • Press calf against back of skate
  • Shoulder and arms forward

#5 V-Stop

  • Point toes together to stop. This is similar to doing the snow plow when skiing.

#6 Starting to Skate – Stroke and Glide

  • Right foot stroke
  • Push Forward
  • Lift left foot off of the floor and coast


  • Red Light – Greeen Light – Practice stopping at teacher command
  • Musical Stopping – Come to a complete stop when music stops
  • Skating Obstacle Course: Students travel around a series of cones
  • All Boy and All Girl skates. Once you have a class up on skates you can mix things up by having just the girls skate for the length on one song, then (The kids won’t let you forget!) let the boys skate for the duration of a song.
  • Reverse Direction: Have the class come to a complete stop and splat on the floor. When they get up have them travel around the gym in the opposite direction.
  • Student Routines: Pairs or small groups of children come up with a “couple of moves” to teach the rest of the class
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