P.E. Game: Predator vs. Prey (Floppy Fish)

Setup and Equipment:

  • Yarn balls or Ocean related taggers (stuffed fish, etc.)
  • Pick four people to be it.
  • One mat in front of each wall, these are five second bases (islands). You cannot be tagged while resting on an island.
  • The Taggers are the Predators,
  • Everyone else is the prey.

Teach students how to do the floppy fish and shake.

  • Hands out like a regular handshake
  • Tap each other’s forearms with a floppy fish motion.


  • The object of the game is for the predators to tag as many people as they can and the prey to free each other.
  • The Predators start in the center circle, the prey ┬ástands on a mat to start.
  • The prey can be tagged by a hand holding the tagging item, or when it is thrown.
  • If a person is tagged they become a fish and stand doing swimming motions (crawl, backstroke, tc.).
  • They can be transformed back to human, when someone gives them a floppy fish handshake.
  • Game continues, pick new Predators, every two minutes or so.
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