Skill Practice/Activity: Group Juggle

Setup and Equipment:

  • A variety of balls and other objects can be used. Doing  a bounce pass with a basketball is a good place to start. Students are spaced out around a square grid such as a four square floor design.


  • Team of players are set up at the corners and lines outside of a four square floor design. For larger groups everyone will need to take a step or two back to accommodate everyone.
  • The first player passes a ball to someone across from them (Note: Not next to them unless they are the last player)
  • The second player passes the ball to someone across from them.
  • This continues until everyone has the ball at least one turn.
  • It is important to remember who passes you the ball and who you will be passing to.
  • To learn names, you can also have students call out the name of the person they are passing to.
  • After your team can successfully pass the ball in a continuous fashion, the starter may add another ball.
  • Additional balls can continue to be added as long as the team is successful.

Tip for Success: Do not watch the ball – watch the person that passes you the ball.

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