Warmup: Chicken Dance

Chicken Dance – Music: Chicken Dance

Students start at “Gym Homes” facing teacher

  • Peepers (Seven counts) Hands up – Cluck by talking with fingers on top and thumbs on the bottom with the music.
  • Wings – Thumbs in arm pits, Elbows out for seven counts).
  • Tailfeathers – (Six counts) Do the Twist back and forth with the music.
  • Clap – (three claps) with the music
  • This “theme” repeats four times.
  • Teacher calls out locomotor movement for the “bridge” of the song.
  • During this time, students move in the same clockwise direction as is commonly used for station movement, etc.
  • When the “bridge” of the song is about to end, the teacher may need to remind  students to return to their gym homes so they can dance again to the “theme”.
    • 1st Time: Skip
    • 2nd Time: Slide Step
    • 3rd Time: Jog


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