Valentine Hug Tag

Setup and Equipment:

  • Four soft red balls for the “cupid – its”
  • Practice the hug: Lean forward with two soft taps
  • Practice the Macho Hug: Do a thumb handshake with two hand taps on the other person’s back
  • Practice becoming a “heart” by lifting arms (elbows up) above their heads and pointing their hands downwards to the top of their head.
  • When a person is tagged they stand frozen in this position.


  • The “cupid – its” attempt to tag players by throwing or tagging them with the red ball
  • If a player is tagged, they stand frozen in the “heart” position
  • A heart is unfrozen and the player returns to the game when another player gives them a hug – or a “macho hug”
  • Continue the game by having the “old its” pick “new its”until turns are completed by each student.


Reindeer Tag

Setup and Equipment

  • Equipment: Yarn balls or stuffed animals for tagging
  • Four people are chosen to be “its”


  • When a student gets tagged they kneel with one knee down and one knee up. They put their thumbs on their head and spread their fingers out like antlers.
  • In order to be defrosted from the “reindeer position” the other players approach the frozen player from the front and wiggle their antlers/fingers together to free them.
  • After a one to two minute winter holiday song, a transition song is played. The theme from the Nutcracker works well right before the winter break.