Take A Chance


Setup and Equipment

  • Using polyspots or floor markings to designate placement of the targets will help spread the game out and encourage individual play.
  •  You will need 10-20 soft balls and and enough targets, so there are 3-4 people left to start in the line. Everyone who has a target does not have to start with a ball.
  • Line up students and hand a ball and target to most students in the class. Leave 3 or 4 students to form a line for entering back into the game.
  • Students spread  the targets are at least 3-4 feet per player. No placing them in a corner or against a wall.


  • Play begins…
  • The object of the game is to keep your target up while knocking other targets over.
  • Player may not venture more than 2 steps from their target.
  • When a foam target is knocked down -students should bring their target to the line and hand it to the next person in line.
  • They now go to the end of the line and return to the game when they move to the front of the line.
  • Game continues for as long as time permits.


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