2017 Physical Literacy Practicum with Bev Smith

Students in EDST 440 who are able to to participate in this may waive all of required practicum assignments participating by participating in this.

KIDSPORTS/Cesar Chavez Physical Literacy Project 2017

KIDSPORTS is partnering with Cesar Chavez to bring the Physical Literacy Project (PLP) to elementary aged children attending Chavez Elementary in Winter Term of 2017.

  • Children will learn movement and motor skills through fun, games, and activities that provide opportunities for children to learn to move their bodies with confidence and under control.
  • KIDSPORTS is very interested and excited about partnering with students in the Oregon College of Education to provide undergrad students with practical field experience in the Eugene/Springfield Community. As a future teacher, this experience allows you to be a part of a cutting edge Physical Literacy Program that would give you experience in physical education curriculum and program execution. Volunteer Expectations/Commitment: Students will be asked to volunteer at one of two sessions per week, or if desired, both sessions.
  • Students will work with a qualified instructor and will have access to the KS Physical Literacy Curriculum.
  • KS/Cesar Chavez Physical Literacy Project starts right after school each Monday and Thursday at 2:15 pm until 3:30 pm starting on Monday, February 6th and ending on Monday , March 6th.
  • The program runs for 4 weeks and offers 8 physical literacy sessions. (No session will be held on President’s Day Monday, Feb. 20th , 2017) The KS Cesar Chavez PLP is open to all children 1st to 5th grade enrolled at Cesar Chavez Elementary School.
  • (The class has a maximum capacity for 25 children) Cesar Chavez is located at 1510 W 14th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402 For further information, please contact Bev Smith, Executive Director of KIDSPORTS at: bevs@kidsports.org or by calling 541-683- 2374 ext. 109