Hoop Driving

Equipment and Setup:

    • One Hula Hoop for each student.
    • Set cones (at least four) up as the outline for a large track on the floor.
Guidelines: Teacher Directed
Today students will be simulating driving a car by holding their hula hoop in the air as if it were a giant steering wheel.

  • Spread students out around the giant circle which is designated with the four cones.
  • Students will be following the directions of the teacher as they move around the gym in a counterclockwise direction.

Driving Actions: Teacher led demonstration followed by the students practicing the skill as they move around the gym.

Music Playlist and Directions:

  1. Car Start and Drive Away Snow: Turn the key or tell Siri to start it: Start your engine! 
  2. I’m Walkin: Yellow light – Move slowly 
  3. Stop in the Name of Love: RED Light – Stop – Stop your car and wait.
  4. You Make Me Feel Like DancingSchool Zone – Skipping happily!
  5. Drive My Car: The Beatles
  6. I’m a Gummy Bear: Tunnel –  Walk low to the floor 
  7. Stop in the Name of Love: STOP – Stop your car
  8. Life Is a Highway: Highway – Move faster, jogging and running
  9. Yakety Yak: Oil Slick – It’s very slippery, so be careful. Quick turns 
  10. Sirens-Remix (Sound Effect) Cops! – Pull over to the right.
  11. I’m Walkin’:  Flat Tire – Hop on one
  12. Cha-Cha Slide Radio: This song is so good on the radio that you are going to pull your car over and dance inside your hoop.
  13. Banana Song (From the Minion Movie): Potholes – leap over the holes
  14. Vehicle Reversing Beep: Reverse – Walk backwards
  15. Happy: School Zone – Skip backwards in Reverse
    Interstate: Put your Car on cruise control
  16. Rain: Hold your steering wheel with one hand and use the other as a windshield wiper
  17. Radio: The song is so good on the radio that you are going to pull your car over and dance inside your hoop.
  18. Sunshine: Reach into the glove compartment to pull out cool shades — put them on using the “John Travolta” fingers in a “V” shape moving over the eyes
  19. Muddy Road: Slide in the mud by sliding feet & moving hips
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