Juggling and Diabolo


Juggling 1 ball:  Throw – Catch, Throw – Catch

1. Throw and catch using one hand, then the other
2. Throw with one hand and catch with other
3. Throw, clap, catch with other hand
4. Throw, clap, clap, catch with the other hand
5. Throw, clap under leg and catch with the other hand and so on
5. Throw, turn all the way around and catch with other hand, etc.

Juggling 2 balls: 1. Throw – Throw, Catch-Catch

  1. Start with two balls in your favorite hand, throw one up, when it gets to the top, throw the other one
  2. Throw around in a circle, throw the first one out toward the side, when it peaks throw the second in the same arc, keep them going in a circle
  3. Throw in circle from outside to the center
  4. Do each of these 3 moves with the other hand
  5. Hold a ball in one hand, throw the first across like a big letter “x”, when it gets to the top throw the second up and across the other way; catch the first, pause, catch the second

Three Balls; Throw – Throw – Catch – Throw – Catch

  1. Start with 2 balls in your dominant hand. #1 is held loosely on the finger tips, #2 is in the other hand and #3 is deep in the dominant hand.
  2. Throw #1, Throw #2, Catch #1, Throw #3 and let #2 and #3 fall
  3. Throw #1, Throw #2, Catch #1, Throw #3, Catch #2 and let #3 fall
  4. Throw #1, Throw #2, Catch #1, Throw #3, Catch #2, Catch #3


    Challenge: Under the leg and behind the back can be used to start a juggling sequence.









  •  Set the diabolo in front of your right foot, stand up and move to farther to the right if possible. The farther the diabolo is set to the right of you, the more spin possible. (Note: lefties will need to set the diabolo to the left)
  • Before rolling the diabolo, stand pointing your sticks at the diabolo off to your left. The string should be hanging from sticks to diabolo. If not, position the diabolo even farther right.
  • Roll the diabolo across the floor in front of you. Start your roll slow, but accelerate faster as the diabolo moves left.
  • As the diabolo reaches a point in front of you (before your left foot’s position); gently lift the diabolo up with both sticks.
  • The diabolo should be spinning counterclockwise.
  • Try to center the diabolo and begin to pull harder with the Right handstick.
  • Practice goals are to reach a medium speed without causing the diabolo to swing wildly after the pickup.