2. Plutonium Transfer and Ball Ladder

2.Plutonium Transfer and Ball Ladder

Line up Teams behind their cones: red, blue, yellow, green
Teach both games to begin, start one group on plutonium transfer, then when they’re done, they can start on one of the ball ladders.
Plutonium Transfer: A Team Building Activity
Your mission is to move the plutonium from the nuclear power plant to a safe storage facility.

Setup and Equipment.

  • 1 metal ring with 8 handles connected with a 5 ft. string

plutonium transerm pic

  • Four Cones: red, blue, yellow, green


  • The plutonium transfer apparatus is set up with the ring resting on the base with a pole in the middle and a ball on top.  Eight strings with the four colored handles are stretched out so that there are no overlapping strings. The other base 5-15 feet away depending on the age of the group.
  • Each color team lines up in relay style (single file line, everyone facing the same direction).


  • The first person and second person on each team step to the plutonium transfer site. Their mission is to carefully move the plutonium from the atomic energy plant to the safe storage facility.
  • They should each go to one of the handles that matches their color (red, blue, yellow, green.
  • When the 8 people are ready they can slowly try to lift the ball up together, then try to walk without dropping it to the safe storage.  On their first turn, if they drop the ball they should take everything back and lay out the string, handles and the ball in the same way it was when they started.
  • If a team makes it all the way and is able to put the plutonium on top of post, they should  rest the string and handles on the floor.
  • The next team of 8 now, does the same thing. Continue until everyone completes a turn. 
  • Once students have a turn, it’s time to move to the Ball ladder

Variation: Use different sized balls.


2. Ball Ladder: A Team Building Activity

Move the ball down the steps of the ladder.

Setup and Equipment.

  • 2 ladders with four steps: eight people per ladder
  • 2 yoga balls
  • 1 ball
  • Four Cones: red, blue, yellow, green
  • Line up in color teams at the cones to start


agility lladder picyoga ball pic



  • Start two teams at each ladder (4 on each end)
  • There are four ropes on each end of the ladder.
  • Put the ball on one end (the last step) of the ladder.
  • Once you get it balanced, see if you can slowly roll it down the ladder. One team will need to lower their end, while the other team raises their end up.
  • It helps if the people holding the ropes spread far apart from each other.


Limbo and Hula Hoops

Limbo dancing is a dance that is originally from the island of Trinidad, although Hawaii is often mistakenly referred to as the birthplace of the Limbo dance.


 Setup and Equipment.

  • Limbo Pole 3 ft.
  • Limbo Music
  • Single file line starting with the Green, followed by yellow, blue, then red


  1. Stand two feet from the stick, bend your knees, and lean backwards so your chest is facing up. Inch your way toward the stick
  2. Shimmy your body back and forth while leaning backwards. Try not to touch the stick or lean forward.
  3. Once you’ve made it through, you may circle around back to the end of the line and try going lower.
  4. When you  miss (everyone will eventually!) Just cheer on your classmates or try some hula hoop tricks.

Depending on Time: Leaders might want to have the Yellow and Green teams do the limbo and the Red and Blue teams hula hoop for a couple of minutes, then switch.