Jack Frost Tag

Setup and Equipment:

  •  K-2: Four stuffed animal taggers
  •  Four hula hoops for the Heat Meisters (Optional for primary grades)


  • Students that are chosen as taggers (Jack Frost) may tag or throw the stuffed animal or ball.
  • When a student is tagged they are immediately frozen and they stand perfectly straight up and down
  • Students have one way to avoid being tagged. They can do three very slow jumping jacks to simulate a standing snow angel. After 3 seconds they must continue moving and trying not to be tagged by jack frost.
  • The three “heat meisters” carry a hula hoop which is the defroster for this game.
  • They must put the hoop over and down over the frozen player to defrost them.
  • The game continues for about 2 minutes, then new taggers and “heat meisters” are chosen.



Scooter Freeze Tag

Equipment and Setup:

  • Scooters and pool noodles or yarn balls for tagging.


  • Choose “its” for the game, they each get a pool noodle  and go the center circle in the gym to start the game.
  • The class is split in half.  Each half  is lined up behind the black lines at each end of the gym.
  • When the music starts, students move in their preferred fashion, or the teacher can designate backwards, forwards, both knees on, etc.
  • The music starts and everyone tries to get to the opposite end without getting tagged. If they do get tagged, they flip the scooters over and kneel down with one knee up and one knee down. They are defrosted when someone gives them a high five.
  • After one to two minutes pick new “its”



Climbing Wall Tag

This is an “everybody it” tag game.

Equipment and Setup:

  • Many elementary schools have climbing walls that are not higher than eight feet. These “traversing walls” can be used in this game.
  • Open part or all of the climbing wall, so students have the room to climb up and down.
  • Emphasize climbing up and down the wall.


  • Everyone is “it” to start the game.
  • Students may tag each other by using the a two-finger (peace) tag on the back of their classmates.
  • Three Second Standing Base: Players are immune from being tagged if they are standing and balancing on one foot. They can only do this for three seconds. Then, they have to move around the gym before they stand and balance on one foot again.
  • When a student is tagged they go to the wall and climb up and tap their hand above the highest handhold.
  • Then, climb back down and reenter the game.


Reindeer Tag

Setup and Equipment

  • Equipment: Yarn balls or stuffed animals for tagging
  • Four people are chosen to be “its”


  • When a student gets tagged they kneel with one knee down and one knee up. They put their thumbs on their head and spread their fingers out like antlers.
  • In order to be defrosted from the “reindeer position” the other players approach the frozen player from the front and wiggle their antlers/fingers together to free them.
  • After a one to two minute winter holiday song, a transition song is played. The theme from the Nutcracker works well right before the winter break.







Rock, Paper, Scissors Partner Tag

Equipment and Setup:

  • Two lines facing each other in the middle of the gym.
  • Space each line so players are  spread out.
  • Each player should have someone across from them. This is their partner.

Practice with the teacher:

  • Rock is a fist (Everyone make a fist).
  • Paper is a flat hand facing down (Everyone make a flat hand facing down).
  • Scissors is a hand that simulates scissors with the 1st and 2nd fingers separating and closing (Everyone make a hand that simulates scissors).


  • Teacher gives signal or starts music to begin game.
  • Partners do rock, paper, scissors by facing each other and pounding their fist into their hand and together chanting: “1,2,3 show”.
  • One the word “show” each player displays either rock, paper, or scissors.
  • When a player wins they become  they become the tagger and do 5 jumping jacks or three spins.
  • The other player may move around the gym and attempt to avoid the tag. When playing in the gym you may want to  define a locomotor skill such as walking (power walking), slide-stepping, skipping, or galloping.
  • The tag we use is called the peace tag. Hold your two fingers up and show the peace sign. When you tag, it is a  peaceful tag,  two fingers in the middle of your partner’s back.
  • After the tag, you can do the rock, paper, scissors to begin a new game again. In grades K /1/ 2 it may work better to just have partners change roles each time.
  • For a longer game and more interaction, pick new partners after each player has completed turns as the tagger and another turn as the player being tagged.