Basketball Game: Recycle the Basketballs

Setup and Equipment:

  • Six Relay teams and one baton or ball to designate current runner.
  • One hula hoop for each team (in the middle of the gym in line to the opposite wall).
  • About thirty balls are in barrels or on a ball cart near the opposite wall.


  • On teacher’s signal, one student from each group runs to the original stash of balls at the opposite wall and dribble one ball to their teams hula hoop.
  • The dribbler then runs back the their team’s line and hands them the baton.
  • When all of the balls are gone from the original stash, players may now take them from the other team’s hula hoops.
  • Students may not take balls from the hoops that are directly next to them (on either side)
  • There is no guarding of the hoop
  • Dribbling challenges such as changing from dominant to non-dominant hand or doing a crossover dribble may be added.
  • The object of the game is to have as many of the balls in your team’s hoop when the teacher signals that the game is over.
  • When the teacher stops play, the second phase of the game begins.
  • Now, players will return the ball to the ball rack one at a time. The other teams may help the team with the most balls to return their balls.

Basketball: Guard the Target

This a great small group activity that allows for a lot of practice passing a basketball or a softer ball for younger students.

Equipment and Setup:

  • One Basketball of Playground ball per group and one foam target.
  • Break  into groups of six to eight students.
  • Form a circle that is outside the distance of a 4 square court. Use the 4-square court if you are able to.
  • One person is in the middle, their job is to try and keep the foam target from being knocked over.


  • The players in the circle pass the ball around the outside of the circle until they see someone open that has a good shot at knocking over the target.
  • If the foam target is knocked over, the person in the center goes to the circle and those two players exchange places.
  •  Play continues with a new person in the middle.

Other Ideas: If the skill level is very high, you could add a second ball.

Basketball: Dribble Train

Setup and Equipment: Break students into 6 teams, each student has a basketball and has some dribbling experience.


  • This will work best with students that have some basketball dribbling skills. You can adjust to their skill level. 
  • The object of this activity is to get a lot of practice dribbling a basketball.
  • Every students has a ball to start.
  • We break into six teams.
  • Teams line up so the students can follow the leader at the front of the line.
  • This will require students to keep their heads up to follow each other.
  • The team leaders will will “snake”  their line around gym without crossing through another team.
  • Their leader should move at a steady pace and try to keep the team together.
  • If someone loses their ball, they can retrieve it and return to their place in line.
  • The teacher can blow a whistle or stop the music after a minute or two. I like to use train sounds instead of a whistle. When it is time to rotate, the first person in line goes to the end of the line and everyone moves up one spot.  Each team now has  new leader to follow. After a few turns at moving in this manner, the students get the routine established and the activity moves smoothly.
  •  In the gym, I use the music to guide students through this activity. There are train sound effects that you can download and add to your music list. (see music ideas below).
  • Continue until all students have a turn as a leader.

Music for Dribble Train:

  1. Sweet Georgia Brown – The Globetrotters Theme Song #1 Basketball Songs Blues
  2. Train Bell Sound Effects 
  3. Mystery Train The Paul Butterfield Blues Band Blues  
  4. Freight Train Horn – \ The Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Library
  5. Last Train To Clarksville Sugar Beats Children’s Music
  6. (Chicago Bulls Theme) Bobby Morganstein
  7. Kernkraft 400 Power Music Workout Fitness & Workout
  8. Block Rockin’ Beats The Chemical Brothers 
  9. I’m a Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song) Gummibär
  10.  Everybody Movin’, Pt. 1 (Kurd Maverick & Eddie Thoneick Remix) Bob Sinclar
  11. Wake Me Up Avicii
  12. Pumpin Blood  NONONO 


Bump Basketball (Official Rules)

Setup and Equipment: 2 Basketballs, Basketball Court – Free Line marked

Objective: The object of the game is to “bump” the other players out of the game by making a shot before the person in back of you in the line does.

  • Order is established by forming a line at the free throw line.
  • All players must attempt their first shot from this point.
  • The first and second players in the line get a basketball. Play begins with the first person in line taking the first shot.
  • After the 1st player shoots, the 2nd player may shoot.
  • If the first shot by a player is missed they must follow their rebound and try to make a basket from anywhere on the court.
  • The game at this point is between player #1 and #2
  • If player #2 makes a shot before the first player, then player #1 is “bumped” from the game.
  • If Player #1 makes a shot, the ball should be rebounded and immediately passed to the third player in line. The contest is now between players #2 and #3.
  • Players may only touch their own ball. There is no basketball skill involved in hitting a basketball with another basketball, so this is not allowed in the official rules of “Bump”.


Triple Shot Basketball

Triple Shot Basketball

Setup and Equipment:

  • For the teacher led demonstration chose three or four students

  • The demonstration is important especially for the second shot of the three shots. (Shooting from the spot you rebound from)

  • Each of the four teams has one basketball and a polyspot to designate an approximate free throw.

  • Another option for this game is to use the terms “recreational” and “competitive”for different games, this allows students to choose the game that is the best match for their skills.

  • In a typical Gym class four groups line up in back of the free throw line and start shooting on the teacher’s signal.


  • Each Player gets three shots

  • SHOT ONE: From inside the free throw line – worth three points.

  • SHOT TWO: Wherever you catch the rebound from – worth two points.

  • SHOT THREE: A layup – worth one point

  • After turn is completed, pass the ball to the next person in the line.

  • Groups add each player’s points to their total.

  • After two or three minutes the teacher calls the game and all of the group rotates to the next basketball hoop.

  • The scoring continues at each of the four designated hoops.

  • The goal is to get your team to score as many points as possible, though, as usual, the most fun wins.

Line Basketball

Setup and Equipment:

  • Two color teams line up on the black lines at each end of the gym
  • Students are numbered, so each person on the team has a different number (1-15)
  • The opposite teams should have the corresponding number, so that when a number is called one person from each team is activated!
  • In the center circle are two basketballs in a hula hoop


  • When the teacher calls a number, those two students pick up one of the balls, dribble it to any hoop in the gym and take one (no more than two) shots at a hoop.
  • Dribble ball back to center circle and go to the end of the line.
  • Teacher choses another and those 2 students take their turn.
  • Continue until everyone takes a turn.


  • Chose 2 or more at a time.
  • Add balls so everyone has their own ball.
  • Use one ball and teams play offense and defense and try to score a basket.