Equipment and Setup:

  • Twenty pins are lined up on the black lines in front of the opposing walls. It works best to pick a couple of students to begin setting up the targets while the rules are covered and the teams set.
  • It works best to pick a couple of students to begin setting up the targets while the rules are covered and the teams set.
  • Break class into two teams. In our gym we have four teams (red, blue, yellow, green). So it’s pretty easy to put two teams on each side.
  • The dividing line in the middle of the gym cannot be crossed (unless going to the slammer)
  • Each team has twenty pins that are defended by goalies on their team.
  • The object of the game is to knock down all of the pins on the opposite end
  • Each team starts with an equal number of soft foam balls.(between 10-15 works well) Players sit if front of their targets and wait for the music to start to begin the game.


  • Players may kick or throw the balls.
  • The only way that a player is out is if their ball (kicked or thrown) is caught in the air by an opposing player.
  • A player goes to the slammer (the area behind the pins on the opposite end of your team) when their ball is caught by someone on the opposing team.
  • They get out of the slammer when they catch a ball thrown from a teammate. or they throw a ball from the slammer to a teammate.
  • The games is over when all of the pins are knocked down. If there is time still left in the class, teams change ends and continue the game.
  • The Most Fun Wins!



Air Strike

Setup and Equipment:

  • Every safe/ small ball you have . Two towers (made out of mats) set up fifteen feet from the half court line on each side. The stiff and  light mats with  eight to ten folds in them work best.
  • Divide the class into two equal teams.


  • The object of the game is for the teams to destroy the other team’s tower by throwing all of the balls into it.
  • Students are not allowed to cross the half court line and must throw one ball at a time.
  • Students cannot peek in or enter the tower at any time during the game.
  • Students can play defense by blocking the throws at the line or at the mat.


Crows and Cranes

Setup and Equipment:

  • Divide class into two teams.


  • Have each team line up facing each other about 6-10 feet apart.
  • One team is the “crows” and one team is the “cranes.”
  • The teacher calls one of the teams.
  • The team’s name that is called has to run back to the end line without getting tagged by someone on the other team. If they get tagged, they join the other team.
  • If “crows” is called, cranes are chasing the crows. If “cranes” is called, crows are chasing the cranes.

Line Basketball

Setup and Equipment:

  • Two color teams line up on the black lines at each end of the gym
  • Students are numbered, so each person on the team has a different number (1-15)
  • The opposite teams should have the corresponding number, so that when a number is called one person from each team is activated!
  • In the center circle are two basketballs in a hula hoop


  • When the teacher calls a number, those two students pick up one of the balls, dribble it to any hoop in the gym and take one (no more than two) shots at a hoop.
  • Dribble ball back to center circle and go to the end of the line.
  • Teacher choses another and those 2 students take their turn.
  • Continue until everyone takes a turn.


  • Chose 2 or more at a time.
  • Add balls so everyone has their own ball.
  • Use one ball and teams play offense and defense and try to score a basket.