Square Dance: Random Style

Teach these a few at a time while students move around the gym by themselves. The music stops whenever it’s time to teach a new set of skills. When you get to the partner section, students pick someone close to them.

Group Formation: Spread out on the floor with space between you. Move around the gym in a clockwise direction (random style if group is capable).

  • Stomp Clap: Stomp one foot and clap to the Music: An Angel Went up in Flames
  • Hit the Lonesome Trail: Walk/strut to the Music: Turkey in the Straw
  • Turn One Alone: Pivot around one time while moving.           Music: Ol Joe Clark
  • Cyclone: While walking turn around 2 times and continue walking. Music: Ol Joe Clark
  • Pony Express: Do the step twice as fast Music: Boil the Cabbage Down The Grascals
  • WildHorse: Keep one foot in front and gallop like a horse around the gym. Music: Wild Horse by RaeLynn
  • Riding a Horse, Lasso: Wrist over Wrist  Gangman Style PSY


  • Honor Your Partner: Face your partner and bow. Music: Salty Dog Blues Grisman
  • Circle Up Two: Join hands and skip in a circle. Music: Rocky Top
  • Elbow Turn: Do right arm turn, then left. Music: American Folk

New Partners:

  • Horse and Jockey: Stand one in front of the other, back partner’s hands are on the shoulders.
  • Gallop together. Music: William Tell Overture Wee Sing
  • Change Jockeys: Switch places.

Warmup: Toe Knee Chestnut

Equipment and Setup:

Go to the Learning Station Web Site for the Original Movements and Lyrics.

1. Tony Chestnut knows I love you.   Point to your toes, knees, chest, head, nose, eyes, heart and straight ahead.

2. Tony knows.  (Tony knows.) Point to your toes, knees and nose.

3. Tony Chestnut knows I love you.  Point to your toes, knees, chest, head, nose, eyes, heart and straight ahead.

4. That’s what Tony knows. Point to your toes, knees and nose.

5. Tony, Tony and his sister Eileen.  Stand and balance on one foot,  then lean to the right.

6. And Eileen loves Neil and Neil loves Pat.  Everyone lean to the right, kneel and pat your bottom.

7. But Pat still loves Bob. Bob your head up and down.

8. And there’s Russell and Skip.  Rustle up your hair, then one skip and hold a balance on one foot.

9. This song is silly, but it’s hip. Make a silly face (thumbs in ears and wiggle fingers), then stick out your right hip.

10. How it ends, just one man knows. Shake your end, hold up one finger, point to self, then flex your muscles.

11. And guess what (what), it’s Tony Chestnut.  Finger next to head (thinking).  Point to your toes, knees, chest and head.

  • Music will begin to move faster…
  • Repeat the lyrics and movements.

Tony Chestnut

From the CD, Tony Chestnut & Fun Time Action Songs

Copyright 1997, Monopoli/The Learning Station