PEDL Alternative Assignments

EDST 440  PEDL Alternative Assignments

To make up for missing points. Here are some professional articles in .pdf that you can read, summarize, and enter into Canvas for assignments or practicums that you were unable to complete.

keep-an-eye-on-the-hand  This article is the based on how nonverbal communication is used by classroom teachers. Write about what you’ve learned from reading it, you can also include anything that you’ve learned in class. Can you see yourself using these skills?

Mindfulness in Elementary Schools This article explains the benefits and practical application of mindfulness in elementary school. Can you see how mindfulness could benefit you students? If you had the support of your school, can you see yourself using mindfulness in your classroom?

yoga-in-public-schools Yoga offers a potential means to address a wide range of challenges in the public school classroom. Write about some of the benefits of yoga in the classroom. Can you see yourself introducing some form of yoga in your own classroom?