Four-Way Tug of War

Four Way Tug of War

four way tug of warSetup and Equipment.

  • One Tug of War rope that has four ropes that are red, blue, yellow and green.
  • Cones are set up around in a 4 foot square with one cone in the center.
  • Each team lines up and holds their color team’s rope.


  • Everyone lines up and grabs their team’s rope
  • Make sure the teams are lined up, (like the picture above), so their weight is evenly distributed.
  • Leader stands near the center and gradually have the teams start to pull the rope towards them.
  • The object of this game is to have the center square of the rope move past the designated square identified by the cones.
  • When this area is breached, the game stops and each rope is rotated to the right, so they are now replacing the team that was on their immediate right.
  • A new game of tug of war begins…


  • Mix teams by having the last two people on each team move to the team on the right and move to the front of that line.