Beanbag Slide Tag

Setup and Equipment:

  • Twenty – twenty-five beanbags are spread around the floor
  • Students are standing at walls of the gym to start the game
  • Guidelines:

  • The object of this game is to hit the other player’s feet by rolling the beanbag
  • Players may not run with a beanbag!
  • Students stay within the boundaries (black lines) unless retrieving a beanbag that is out of bounds.
  • On the teacher’s signal – students run into the playing area
  • Students may roll it towards the feet of another student
  • If a player is hit on the foot – they go to the “out” line (Having some mats set up at one end of the gym will work).
  • Players that are out – reenter the game when the player that got them out gets out
  • When students don’t know who got them out, they go to the “clock box” – the teacher will time them out for 1 minute or at which time – they may reenter game
  • When too many students are waiting to get back into the game, Teacher may call out “everybody free” and the game continues.
  • Warmup: Toy Story

    Equipment and Setup:

    • The Music from the movie:  Toy Story Infinity and Beyond
    • Students spread out in Scatter Formation
    • You may want to set up cones to designate the area that you want the students moving around


    • The students first must chose which of the toys from the Toy Story movies they want to be.   Common choices are: Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, Army soldiers, Woody, and Barbie. If they haven’t seen any of the movies, they can just chose the name of any toy.
    • Start the music and the Teacher  says, “All Clear”.
    • Now, the students begin moving around the gym as a character in the movie.
    • When the music stops and the teacher says,  “Andy’s coming”, students should freeze in position and continue to look like their character.
    • You may have students guess what character their classmates are imitating when they are frozen.
    • Continue stopping and starting with the “All Clear” and “Andy’s coming” signals.
    • You can change levels (low/high) or locomotor skills such as skipping, hopping, galloping, walking slowly, or running.