Soccer Activities in the Gym

Floor is setup in a scattered fashion with polyspots, domes, hula hoops and balls (in hula hoops)

Dot Stop:

  • Warmup: Students get a ball and begin to dribble with their feet anywhere in the playing area.
  • On Teacher’s signal students trap the ball on as many different polyspots as possible
  • Each time they trap a ball on a spot they earn one point
  • After one minute, check with students to see how many points they earned
  • Repeat activity to see if they can improve their score
  • Add targets (used in Take a Chance Games)
  • If a target is knocked over they lose a point

Zero Ball:

  • Students get a ball and begin to dribble with their feet anywhere in the playing area.
  • At the beginning of this activity the students have zero points
  • The object of this game is to have zero points at the end of the game
  • Music starts and students dribble at any speed they chose
  • When the music stops, they are expected to trap the ball under one foot
  • The students get a point if they are unable to trap the ball within the teacher’s count of one, two.
  • A point is also earned for bumping another ball or bumping a cone
  • After playing for awhile, start the game back at zero points again

Close the Tunnel

  • Students get a ball and begin to dribble with their feet in the playing area
  • On teacher’s signal – half of the students stand in a wide straddle position.
  • These “tunnel” may pass aball to themselves in the air, while the other students are dribbling their balls.
  • The other half of the students will dribble their balls on the floor, and attempt to pass a ball through as many tunnels as possible.
  • The “tunnel” students should count how many balls pass through their legs.
  • When five balls have passed through a tunnel, that tunnel is closed and feet are together.
  • When all of the tunnels are close students change positions.
  • Teacher may time students, then see if they can improve the time it takes to shut down all of the tunnels.
  • Variation: Tunnels open and close (jumping jack style)

Driving with Style:

  • As the students are dribbling on the floor they must follow the following driving rules:
  • Going for a Drive = Dribble in area
  • Stop Light = Trap the ball
  • Around the block = Dribble around hoop
  • Flat Tire = Stop ball with stomach
  • Out of Gas = Toss and catch the ball
  • Race Car = Dribble faster, but in control
  • Delivery Truck = Dribble around a cone and back
  • Parking Lot = Leave your ball and get a new one
  • Rush Hour = Dribble while changing lanes often
  • Curvy Road = Dribble in a curvy pattern
  • Hilly Road = Dribble four to five touches, then trap
  • Billboards = Keep eyes up