Cooperative Board Walk

Setup and Equipment:

  • Eight 2 by 4 Ski’s with footholds for two or three people.
  • Jump ropes to lay on the grass for the starting line. Break four teams in half, so you have eight starting teams of 2 or 3 students per team.
  • The first two or three students in line put their feet into the designated footholds on the 2 by 4 skis. The rest of the team stands behind the starting team. Their turns will be next.
  • Four Cones red, blue, yellow, and green cones about 30 feet away. Set it up so there is enough room so that the skis can get around the cones with touching the other teams.


  • Relay begins with 8 groups trying to move together to get their skis working in sync, so they can get to the opposite end, move around the cone and back to the starting spot.
  • After completion of  a turn, switch positions so that a new group has their turn moving together on the skis.
  • The Most Fun Wins! 

Field Day 2017 General Information

As in previous years..  Classrooms will be divided into 4 “color teams” red, blue, yellow, and green. There will be stations that each classroom rotates through. Every 9-10 minutes there will be a signal to rotate. (The classroom teacher will rotate with the class to help manage, and participate if he/she wishes.)  At each station the volunteers will be ready with directions and how to line up according to ‘color team’.  The volunteers will lead the activities at each station- please have students say “thank-you’ before they move on to the next station. To help promote teamwork and to help identify teams, students are encouraged to wear their designated color. (Once again, Color teams will be assigned in each classroom prior to Field Day.)

   General Rules

         1. Each classroom is to stay together for the station rotation.

2. Each classroom must stay in their assigned area for the duration of their activity, or event, until a signal is given to move to the next area.

3. Students are encouraged to promote a positive team atmosphere.

 Helpful Field Day Tips

 Following are some items that you may want to consider sending with your child on field day:

Sunscreen – Some field days have been very warm and sunny, and as we will be outside for over an hour, sunscreen can be very important.

Water Bottle – We will have a water /treat station, but a water bottle can be convenient, as long as they are used appropriately. (Please put student name on water bottle)

Hat – Not necessary, but they are allowed.

Dry Clothes – Not necessary, but if it is warm enough, we play a game where students may get quite wet, so you may want to send a spare shirt or clothing if you wish.