Cooperative Board Walk

Setup and Equipment:

  • Eight 2 by 4 Ski’s with footholds for two or three people.
  • Jump ropes to lay on the grass for the starting line. Break four teams in half, so you have eight starting teams of 2 or 3 students per team.
  • The first two or three students in line put their feet into the designated footholds on the 2 by 4 skis. The rest of the team stands behind the starting team. Their turns will be next.
  • Four Cones red, blue, yellow, and green cones about 30 feet away. Set it up so there is enough room so that the skis can get around the cones with touching the other teams.


  • Relay begins with 8 groups trying to move together to get their skis working in sync, so they can get to the opposite end, move around the cone and back to the starting spot.
  • After completion of  a turn, switch positions so that a new group has their turn moving together on the skis.
  • The Most Fun Wins! 
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