Line Basketball

Setup and Equipment:

  • Two color teams line up on the black lines at each end of the gym
  • Students are numbered, so each person on the team has a different number (1-15)
  • The opposite teams should have the corresponding number, so that when a number is called one person from each team is activated!
  • In the center circle are two basketballs in a hula hoop


  • When the teacher calls a number, those two students pick up one of the balls, dribble it to any hoop in the gym and take one (no more than two) shots at a hoop.
  • Dribble ball back to center circle and go to the end of the line.
  • Teacher choses another and those 2 students take their turn.
  • Continue until everyone takes a turn.


  • Chose 2 or more at a time.
  • Add balls so everyone has their own ball.
  • Use one ball and teams play offense and defense and try to score a basket.
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