Triple Shot Basketball

Triple Shot Basketball

Setup and Equipment:

  • For the teacher led demonstration chose three or four students

  • The demonstration is important especially for the second shot of the three shots. (Shooting from the spot you rebound from)

  • Each of the four teams has one basketball and a polyspot to designate an approximate free throw.

  • Another option for this game is to use the terms “recreational” and “competitive”for different games, this allows students to choose the game that is the best match for their skills.

  • In a typical Gym class four groups line up in back of the free throw line and start shooting on the teacher’s signal.


  • Each Player gets three shots

  • SHOT ONE: From inside the free throw line – worth three points.

  • SHOT TWO: Wherever you catch the rebound from – worth two points.

  • SHOT THREE: A layup – worth one point

  • After turn is completed, pass the ball to the next person in the line.

  • Groups add each player’s points to their total.

  • After two or three minutes the teacher calls the game and all of the group rotates to the next basketball hoop.

  • The scoring continues at each of the four designated hoops.

  • The goal is to get your team to score as many points as possible, though, as usual, the most fun wins.

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