Rock, Paper, Scissors Partner Tag

Equipment and Setup:

  • Two lines facing each other in the middle of the gym.
  • Space each line so players are  spread out.
  • Each player should have someone across from them. This is their partner.

Practice with the teacher:

  • Rock is a fist (Everyone make a fist).
  • Paper is a flat hand facing down (Everyone make a flat hand facing down).
  • Scissors is a hand that simulates scissors with the 1st and 2nd fingers separating and closing (Everyone make a hand that simulates scissors).


  • Teacher gives signal or starts music to begin game.
  • Partners do rock, paper, scissors by facing each other and pounding their fist into their hand and together chanting: “1,2,3 show”.
  • One the word “show” each player displays either rock, paper, or scissors.
  • When a player wins they become  they become the tagger and do 5 jumping jacks or three spins.
  • The other player may move around the gym and attempt to avoid the tag. When playing in the gym you may want to  define a locomotor skill such as walking (power walking), slide-stepping, skipping, or galloping.
  • The tag we use is called the peace tag. Hold your two fingers up and show the peace sign. When you tag, it is a  peaceful tag,  two fingers in the middle of your partner’s back.
  • After the tag, you can do the rock, paper, scissors to begin a new game again. In grades K /1/ 2 it may work better to just have partners change roles each time.
  • For a longer game and more interaction, pick new partners after each player has completed turns as the tagger and another turn as the player being tagged.




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