P.E. Lesson: Getting Ready for the Jogathon

Jog/Walk Progression

  • Add a lap each week starting the third week in April.
  • This will help prepare students for the Spring Jogathon and the 4th/5th Track Meets.
  • At Edison: Students run a half block, starting at the gym, then towards Onyx Street, down to 23rd, then back to Emerald and the Gym.
  • Jogathon Preparation: Give each student an index card and set the timer for 10 minutes (first class) 15 minutes (second class) and so on.
  • Mark off the cards with a marker for every lap that students complete.
  • OR… use a hole puncher to punch the index cards.

To add interest and variety:

  • You can give students stickers will for each lap.
  • Read off the elapsed time when each student completes a lap.
  • Wear Pedometers: Estimate steps before running.

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