Lesson Plan for K,1,2: Beanbags

Students Move around the Gym:

  • Start the Music – When the music stops, let your beanbag fall to the floor and stand and balance on one foot on the beanbag.
  • Use Locomotor Skills: Skipping, Slide-step, galloping, jogging, etc.
  • Variations: Carry beanbag on your: Head – Foot – Shoulder – Elbow – Back of Hand – Etc.

Teacher Leads Demonstration at Gym Homes (Personal Space): Toss beanie in the air and …

  • Throw and catch beanie 10 times,
  • Throw beanie in the air and clap once, then catch
  • Now, do 2 claps
  • 3 claps, etc.
  • Toss and catch beanie in your right hand only
  • Catch in your left hand only
  • Throw beanie in the air and turn around and catch it.
  • Put beanie on your gym home and skip around the gym without touching any beanies
  • Toss and Walk – walk around the gym:
  • Freeze: Let beanie drop to the floor and balance on it.
  • Leap: Run and leap over as many beanbags as you can.
  • Bridge: Make a bridge over the your beanbag
  • Home Beanie: Run and drop your beanie into the basket and go to your gym home.
  • Underhand Toss: Right hand throw and catch. Left hand throw and catch. Throw from right to left. Ten times each.

Beanie Partners

  • Stand  5-10 feet away from your partner. Feet are shoulder length apart.
  • When music starts, slide and/or throw the beanbag back and forth. Freeze when music stops.
    • Slide and catch.
    • Two hand throw and catch.
    • Dominant hand throw and catch.

Guards and Sliders

  • Break the class in half. One half are the guards and one half are the sliders.
  • The guards get foam targets and spread them out all around the gym floor.
  • The sliders get a beanbag and stand outside of the target area.
  • The object of the game is for the sliders to attempt to knock over and many targets as possible and the guards to stop the beanbags from knocking over their targets.
  • When a target is knocked over, guards may put them back up.
  • For those keeping score – one point for each knock down and one point for the guards for each stop.
  • Continue until music stops, then switch roles.
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