P.E. Game: Flying Disc (Frisbee) Bowling


Setup and Equipment:

  • Flying Discs (One for each relay team),
  • Targets are set up in bowling formation at the opposite end.
  • Soft Foam Targets (25-30).
  • Teams are set up in relay style.


  • The object of the game is to be the team that knocks over the last target.
  • The winner is whoever has the most fun!
  • One player from each team runs to the center line and throws the disc and tries to knock over as many targets as they can.
  • Then, they retrieve the disc and run it all the way back to their line and hand off to the next person in line. Note: watch out so you don’t run in front of a thrown disc.
  • You can also use balls, beanbags, etc.
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