Warmup: Meet and Greet

Setup and Equipment

  • Class breaks into partners – It works well to play music, then stop the music and have students stand back to back with someone near them.
  • Line up two lines with equal numbers of students
  • Initially you may want to  put Poly spots  down so that students are spread out equally.


  • Stand facing your partner with the middle line in the gym between you.
  • On the teacher’s signal, you will run to the wall in back of you, touch the wall,  and return to face your partner.
  • Each time you meet, the teacher will add a simple physical task for you to complete.
  • These activities will be cumulative. So, it is important to remember each task.

Here’s a Start:

  • High-five R hands
  • High-five L hands
  • Jump and turn 360°
  • Jumping high-ten
  • Elbow turn R and L
  • Do si do
  • Create your own
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