Warmup: Takeoff and Land

Equipment and Setup:

  • Music for Airplane Travel
  • Cones spread out in front of walls, so students move in a circle.


  • Students spread out in the gym in a large circle.
  • Teacher says,”Pilots, start your engines”.
  • Students spread out their arms with one knee on the floor.
  • Teacher says,” Fasten your seatbelts and prepare, for takeoff”.
  • Students fasten seatbelts and begin to slowly walk a bit faster.
  • Teacher says,”Cruising Altitude”.
  • Students glide their arms through the air, while jogging.
  • Teacher says, “Prepare for landing”.
  • Students begin to slow down and lower their arms.
  • Teacher says,” Wheels on the ground”.
  • Students slow down and come to a complete stop.
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