P.E. Game: Chasers and Puzzlers


Pajaggle Stacks

Setup and Equipment

  • The class is divided in half.
  • One half of the class are the chasers and the other half is the puzzlers.
  • The puzzlers sit around the center circle in the gym.
  • The pajaggles are set up at one end of the gym with the inserts taken out.
  • The chasers line up their relay teams, so they can easily pass beside the puzzlers in the center of the gym.


  • On teacher’s signal, the chasers run one at a time to pick up one piece at a time and hand it off to the puzzlers.
  • The puzzlers will begin to put the pajaggles together in one giant puzzle.
  • Chasers continue running until all of the pieces are in the center of the gym.
  • Puzzlers continue until the giant puzzle is put togeteher.
  • The teacher stops the time when everyone is sitting down and the puzzle is completed.
  • For a Challenge: Classes may compete against each other, to see who has the lowest score

Visit the Pajaggle website for more information:

Go to the Pajaggle Website for more information.

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