Scooters in the Gym

Setup and Equipment

  • Six to Eight Scooters
  • Set small cones in a large circle near the center of the gym to make a race track.
  • Line up each team at each of the sides of the ‘circular “track”

Guidelines for Indy 500

  • This will be a race around the outside of the cones. You’ll be lining up like it’s a 400 meter relay on the track.
  • Break into pairs by your team’s cone. The partner can only push when traveling around the curves. The driver has to  glide or make themselves move on the straightaways.
  • When you get back to your starting part, change places or let your other partners take a turn. Continue taking turns moving around the track.
  • How many laps can your team do in five, or maybe 10 minutes?

Glide Control

  • Two partners from each team line up at the black line in the front of the gym. One is standing, the other is sitting on the scooter.
  •  On the teacher’s signal, the person in back leans down low and pushes their scooter partner towards the climbing wall;
  • When they hit the wall or calmly stop before hitting the wall, pick up the scooter and run it back to the front of the line
  • The scooter is handed off to the next people in line and they now go to the end of the line.

Parachute and Scooters

Setup and Equipment:

  • Six to eight of the three wheeled scooters.
  • If there are eight scooters, then each of the four teams will have two scooters.
  • Spread out around the parachute and do the merry-go-round by having everyone turn and skip in one direction. Then,stop and go in the opposite direction.
  • Six to eight people start moving under the parachute in the same directions as the parachute is moving.
  • Practice moving the parachute up and down.
    Choose six people to get a scooter and go under the parachute and begin moving around.
  • Whenever the parachute changes direction, the scooters should also change direction. Start walking or skipping, then change directions and moving the parachute up and down.
  • Whenever the parachute stops, the scooters can spin around or move any direction they want to.
  • After a couple of minutes change places, so everyone gets a turn under the parachute.
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