Knee Tag

Setup and Equipment:

  • No equipment needed.

This is an “Everybody It” Game:

  • The object of this game is to tag other players on the knee.


  • If you get tagged on the knee, you immediately go down to one knee and extend a hand. You may continue playing the game after a classmate gives you a “five” with their hand.
  • You are immune from getting tagged whenever you are standing still with your hands covering your knees. This is the same as standing on a base in many other tag games.
  • Players may only have hands on knees for five seconds, then they have to move.
  • You may not move or run with hands on your knees.
  • After a couple of minutes – The Teacher stops the music and asks everyone to raise their hands in the air. For the next minute you cannot cover your knees to create a base for yourself.
  • After a minute is up, stop the music and everyone returns to the regular Knee Tag rules.
  • Variation: Do an exercise when tagged instead of getting a “high five” from a classmate.
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