Hula Hoops

hula_hoopsanimatedSetup and Equipment:

  • At least one hula hoop for each student in class.
  • Spread out hula hoops randomly on the floor.
  • Students stand in a hula hoop – Music starts and students begin a loco-motor movement.


  • Skipping, galloping, slide-step, jogging
  • When music stops, students stand in a hoop and balance on one foot.

Ready, Set, Go:

  • Move into as many hoops as possible by:
  1. Jumping in and out on two feet
  2. Jumping in and out on one foot
  3. Jump in on two feet and touch the floor
  4. Jump in, lift hoop over head, jump out

Take Hoops to Gym Homes (Designated personal space)

  • Stand tall on one foot
  • Low balance on one foot
  • Hop on 2 feet out of hoop – Hop back in – 10 times
  • Hop on one leg out of hoop Hop back in – 10 times
  • Skip around hoop forwards
  • Skip around hoop backwards
  • Jump up and do a 360% turn
  • Hoop Spinning: Balance hoop with top hand and roll it forward
  • Back spin technique Bring hoop backwards to the side
  • Throw the hoop forward, flick wrist to create spin
  • Roll your hoop backwards then try to catch it on your foot
  • Partner Hoops: Roll your hoop with a partner at the same time

Cinchy Relay: 1/2/3/4/5

  • Teams line up in relay style
  • The teacher rolls 4 hula hoops to the end of the gym
  • The students pick up one of the hoops and return it by putting it over a large orange cone that is set up in the middle near the starting line
  • Go to end of line after turn
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