P.E. Game: Ball Frenzy Games – Three Variations

Soccer Frenzy – Ball Frenzy – Super Ball Frenzy

1. Soccer Frenzy: Kicking only – Including Goalies

2. Ball Frenzy: Throwing only – Goalies may use hands and body

3. Super Ball Frenzy: Throwing and Kicking allowed. Goalies may also use hands and/or kick

Setup and Equipment:

  • Twenty pins are lined up on the black lines in front of the opposing walls.
  • It works best to pick a couple of students to begin setting up the targets while the rules are covered and the teams set.
  • Break class into two teams. In our gym we have four teams (red, blue, yellow, green). So it’s pretty easy to put two teams on each side.
  • The dividing line in the middle of the gym cannot be crossed
  • Each team has twenty pins that are defended by goalies on their team.
  • Each team starts with an equal number of soft foam balls.(between 10-15 works well)
  • Players sit in front of their targets and wait for the music to start to begin the game.


  • The object of the game is to knock down all of the targets on the oppositeĀ  side of the gym.
  • The balls may be thrown or kicked, depending on which game you’re playing.
  • No balls may be knocked out of the air with a thrown ball
  • When a targets is knocked down, it works best if it is immediately put into the container that it came from.
  • Note: For K,1,2 they often choose to put the targets back up.
  • Players may switch on their team between protecting the targets and throwing at the other team’s targets.
  • If a goalie accidentally knocks over targets, they must stay down
  • Switch ends of the gym after all targets are knocked down.

The Most Fun Wins!

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