Warmup: Corners

Setup and Equipment

  • 4 Cones: Set up near each corner of the gym.
  • 4 Signs with various locomotor movements. (4 different movements on each card).
  • Set up an equal number of students to start at each corner.
  • Start the music to begin


  • Each group reads the top item on their list and moves in counterclockwise direction to the next cone.
  • At the next cone, read the first item and complete that movement to the next cone.
  • Continue completing the 1st item on each card until you reach your starting point.
  • Now, do all of the #2 items on each card, until you reach the starting point.
  • Continue this pattern until all four items on each card are completed.
  • You may start over on #1 and continue until the music stops
  • Walk
  • Gallop
  • Side-Slide (facing inside area)
  • Crab Walk
  • Jog
  • Power Walk
  • Skip
  • Grapevine
  • Tip-Toe Walk
  • Gallop (change lead foot each time)
  • Hop
  • Heel Walk
  • Invisible Jump Rope
  • Side-Slide (facing outside area)
  • Run
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