Offense vs. Defense: Soccer Style Take a Chance

foam+bowlingSetup and Equipment

  • Soft balls that can be kicked in the gym.
  • Enough pins/targets for each pair of players.
  • Form two lines next to each other at one end of the gym. One line is offense, the other line is defense. (Use cones to designate).
  • One player from the offensive line enters the game with their defensive partner
    • The defensive partner picks up a foam target and sets in down on a a spot. They will be trying to protect their team’s target.
    • The offensive partner picks up a foam soccer ball. They will be moving anywhere in the gym in an attempt to knock over other targets by kicking the ball. They cannot work to help their defensive partner.
  • The teacher will need to stand at the beginning of the lines, to help students get a ball for the offense and a target/pin for the defense. It will help the game to move along if the teacher stays in that area during the game.
  • Have 3 or 4 people in the “next in line ” to start the game.


  • Play begins…
  • The object of the game is for the defensive player on each team to block any shots at their target.
  • The offensive partner will be moving around the gym and attempt to knock over other targets by using soccer skills, while kicking ball. keep your target up while knocking other targets over.
  • When a foam target is knocked down -the defensive player should tell their offensive partner that they are out. Then they bring their target to the line and hand it to the next person in the defensive line.
  • Now the players will switch their roles in the game. The defensive player goes to the end of  the offensive line, while the offensive player will now go to the end of the defensive line.
  • Players always switch from offense to defense after each turn.
  • Game continues for as long as time permits.


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