Hula Hoops and Polyspots

Musical Hula Hoops or Polyspots: These items are interchangeable. We introduce them at separate times.

Musical Hula Hoops

Equipment and Setup: Hula hoops are spread around the floor in random order. The teacher gives direction, then starts the music, student move in the locomotor skill indicated. When the music stops students balance on one foot inside of a hula hoop near them.  Then, the teacher demonstrates different actions to complete at the hoop. When this is complete, the teacher gives a different locomotor skill to move in. The warmup continues in this fashion.

  • Slide Step: click heels in the middle
  • Skipping
  • Jogging
  • Galloping

How many hoops can you:

  • Step into with one foot
  • Jump with two feet into
  • Put both feet in and touch the floor with your hand
  • Lift over your hand and back to floor

At Your Hoop:

  • Compass: Feet in hoop – Move hands around outside of hoop.
  • Around the World – Hands in hoop – Walk feet around outside.
  • Skip around hoop forwards, then backwards.
  • Step through your hoop, when it’s standing.
  • Roll your hoop – try to go through it while it’s moving.


Musical Polyspots

Equipment and Setup: Hula Hoops  Spread around the floor in random order. All activities stop and start by balancing on one foot. The teacher gives the direction and the type of locomotor movement to start with, then starts the music, students move around the gym, when the music stops students balance on one foot, on the nearest spot.

  • Galloping
  • Slide Step
  • Skipping
  • Jogging, etc

When music stops, stand on one foot and balance. Then follow teacher directions and do the following:

  • Jump side to side ten times – both feet
  • Jump forward and back ten times
  • Jump back on two feet – land on one
  • Jump sideways on two -land on one

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