Field Day Supply List

Tug of War 

  • One Tug of War rope that has four ropes that are red, blue, yellow and green.
  • Cones are set up around in a 4 foot square with one cone in the center.
  • Each color team lines up and holds their color team’s rope.

Potato Sack Relays

  • 4 Potato sacks
  • 4 cones: red, blue, yellow, green
  • Red cone is  10-15 feet across from yellow – that’s one team
  • Blue Cone is 10-15 feet across from green – that’s the other team
  • Line up relay style behind the cones. (Shorter distance to start (10-15 feet)

Pass the Ball: Team Relays

  • One red, blue, yellow, and green cone. Balls: Playground, Medicine, Other shapes and sizes
  • Teams line up behind the cone of their color team for directions

Tkouchball Bounce

  • Four balls: Playground Balls (any kind will work)
  • Two to Four Tchoukball Goals
  • Four Cones or Polyspots that match our red, blue, yellow, and green teams. Line up behind your color facing the goals.

Fill the Bucket

  • Four Cones for red, blue, yellow, green teams.
  • Water faucet and hose near this station.
  • Large container for holding water to dip from.
  • Four Pails for filling
  • Cups for dipping and passing the water.
  • Line up behind cones that match color team

Water Balloon Toss

  • Water balloons filled with water. The smaller size works fine. Fill and store in laundry baskets.
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