EDST 0602 Field Day

The Hello and Goodbye Field Day 
Thursday, June 2nd at 4:00
Edison Elementary School  1328 E. 22nd Ave.

U of O students enter in back of the school, at the gate off of Emerald Street side. We will meet in the gym.

Each student will check in and be given a sticker that will designate where they’ll start for our field day.

A “hello” warmup activity will start the celebration, then we’ll break into groups and begin the stations.

Each station lasts for fifteen minutes. Music will play for each station, a transition song will play when it is time to transition to the next station. Each group moves up to the next highest number until you get to six. After station six, teams will go to station number one.

* Those students who are assisting with running the activity should arrive 45 minutes early.

Field Day Links

  1. Fill the Bucket
  2. Water Balloon Toss
  3. 4-Way Tug of War
  4. Pass the Ball Relays Partner Ball Relays
  5. Tkouchball Bounce
  6. Scooters: Indy 500  Scooters and Parachute


Additional Activities:

Parachute Activities for Field Day

Coffee Sack Relays


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